Billionaire S Secret Baby A Billionaire Romance Claire Angel

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Title: Billionaire’s Secret Baby: A Billionaire Romance
Author: Claire Angel
Year: 2022

Earl discovers his office manager hired none other than the woman he once loved. In order to win her back, to get his second chance, he must first change. He needs to control the anger that lost him Kelsie the first time.


Where does one go when one is in deep trouble? Home of course.
Kelsie Stratton must escape her abusive boyfriend.
He wants Cady, and will stop at nothing to take her from Kelsie.
She takes her daughter back home to the small home town she grew up in which is not any less of trouble.
But she has no option.
She hopes she doesn’t run into her temperamental and often rageful former boyfriend, Earl Blackstone.
He was such an ass back then.
She lands a good job as a dog groomer at a veterinary clinic.
However, she has no idea the clinic is owned by Earl.
Wait. What?
Yes, Earl Blackstone is her new boss, and this is the last thing she wanted.
And he is trying to win her back, making it harder for her.
He’s just as drop dead sexy, impossibly gorgeous, and wonderfully beautiful as he was the last time she saw him.

No matter how much he is trying to be close to her. She has to stay away even if she is falling madly, deeply, in love with him.

‘Scorching Hot Boss’ is a full length Standalone Story. No Cheating! HEA!
Adults Only!


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