Call Of The Waters Elemental Realms Book 2 H L Burke

Call Of The Waters Elemental Realms Book 2 H L Burke | 271.88 KB
English | 284 Pages

Title: Call of the Waters (Elemental Realms Book 2)
Author: H. L. Burke
Year: 2016

After decades of Elemental War, humans are rebuilding their civilization from the ground up. Empathic healer, Quill, lives on an isolated farm, hiding from her family’s turbulent, war torn past. However, when the voices of Water Elementals force their way into her thoughts, Quill fears she will bring destruction upon those she loves.
Help arrives from an unlikely source, her mother’s estranged father. Eanan hasn’t seen his daughter since she eloped with Quill’s dad. Now, in spite of the inherent danger of Elementals, Eanan seeks the Evermirror, a mythical gateway to the Water Realm. Quill’s only hope for safety and sanity may be casting her lot with her grandfather. Running away will break her mother’s heart, but unless Quill learns to commune peacefully with the Elementals, their powers may tear her apart from the inside.


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