Cane Alexander Excel 2019 3 In 1 Beginners Guide Formulas And Functions Advanced Methods To Learn…

Cane Alexander Excel 2019 3 In 1 Beginners Guide Formulas And Functions Advanced Methods To Learn Excel 2020 | 4.65 MB
English | 362 Pages

Title: Excel 2019: 3 in 1: Beginner’s Guide + Formulas and Functions + Advanced Methods to Learn Excel
Author: Cane, Alexander
Year: 2020

A Direct No-Nonsense Guide to Learning Excel

Microsoft Excel is a widely used spreadsheet program that is used to organize, create, and manipulate text, charts, and numbers. Although there are several spreadsheet programs, Microsoft Excel is a leading program among all spreadsheet programs. This Excel 2019 3 book bundle has everything you need to make the most out of your spreadsheets.

This Beginners Guide book is designed for Excel 2019 users of all levels. May you be new to working on data or are already knowledgeable in handling different kinds of spreadsheet work, then this book is for you. Many people are overwhelmed by the powers of Excel, but these can be easily manipulated to your advantage, and this book helps you do just that. With this guide you can start playing with the program’s different functions such as:

  • Creating, naming and formatting worksheets

  • Freeze, unfreeze, hide, and protect rows and columns

  • Using and customizing AutoFill and Flash Fill functions for routine tasks

  • Move, copy, and format data

  • Create formulas and come up with specific calculations

  • Sort, filter, and pivot data for easier but reliable analysis

  • Create charts out of your data

  • Secure your workbook with passwords and restrictions for different users

The 2nd book covers everything you need to know about Excel 2019. It was written to ensure that newcomers get the best, and experienced Excel users will have something new to learn. We will be taking a close look at the history of excel, as well as the functions required to perform calculations on Excel. You can use it as a training tool and as a reference guide that you can consult if you’re trying something new, get stuck, or if you have spare time and want to learn something new. We believe that by studying this book from time to time, you will broaden your knowledge, sharpen your skills, increase your speed and become an Excel expert in no time. With the Excel 2019 formulas, you can perform a whole lot of calculations.

The 3rd book addresses the advanced conceptual realms of working with Excel. Excel 2019 not only includes a host of new options, features, tools, and updates to learn, but it also gives users the opportunity to utilize these newly added features to their full potential in tasks that demand creative handling and introducing simplicity to the complexity of Excels potential.

This book harmonizes the new addition of features with some of the most important legacy features, so that nothing is overlooked as we learn about the advanced features of the Excel 2019 Application. In addition, the book does not base its concepts completely on theoretical explanations. Instead, examples relating to real-life tasks and jobs are used to convey a better understanding of the purpose of a certain tool or feature within the application for the reader to grasp the concepts easily. The knowledge of Excel software requires a strong connection with practical application, and this book covers every aspect in detail in order to provide understanding, application and perfection.

Excel 2019 is worth the learning effort because it is one, if not the best data-processing and analysis applications ever developed. Grab this 3 book bundle and start learning Excel!


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