Captured Academy Of The Seraph Brandi Elledge

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Title: Captured: Academy of the Seraph
Author: Brandi Elledge
Year: 2020


I have been touched by the archangels themselves, but I am no match for the betrayal that I never saw coming. The darken now have me, locked away in the Empowered Academy’s dungeon.

The fate of the Empowered Academy and all the innocents held captive within its walls now rest in my hands. I must decide whether to free the innocents or save myself.

Meanwhile, Finn, who has waited lifetimes to find me again, just to have me stolen from him, makes the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice that will change us and leave me desolate.

Battles are waged. Alliances are formed.

In the end, will my world be shattered? Will I be broken?


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