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Edward Lavieri Hands On Design Patterns With Java Learn Design Patterns That Enable The Building Of Large Scale Software Architectures Packt 2020 | 11.54 MB
English | 347 Pages

Title: Hands-On Design Patterns with Java
Author: Dr. Edward Lavieri;
Year: 2019

Understand Gang of Four, architectural, functional, and reactive design patterns and how to implement them on modern Java platforms, such as Java 12 and beyond

Key Features

  • Learn OOP, functional, and reactive patterns for creating readable and maintainable code
  • Explore architectural patterns and practices for building scalable and reliable applications
  • Tackle all kinds of performance-related issues and streamline development using design patterns

Book Description
Java design patterns are reusable and proven solutions to software design problems. This book covers over 60 battle-tested design patterns used by developers to create functional, reusable, and flexible software.
Hands-On Design Patterns with Java starts with an introduction to the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and delves into class and object diagrams with the help of detailed examples. You’ll study concepts and approaches to object-oriented programming (OOP) and OOP design patterns to build robust applications. As you advance, you’ll explore the categories of GOF design patterns, such as behavioral, creational, and structural, that help you improve code readability and enable large-scale reuse of software. You’ll also discover how to work effectively with microservices and serverless architectures by using cloud design patterns, each of which is thoroughly explained and accompanied by real-world programming solutions.
By the end of the book, you’ll be able to speed up your software development process using the right design patterns, and you’ll be comfortable working on scalable and maintainable projects of any size.

What you will learn

  • Understand the significance of design patterns for software engineering
  • Visualize software design with UML diagrams
  • Strengthen your understanding of OOP to create reusable software systems
  • Discover GOF design patterns to develop scalable applications
  • Examine programming challenges and the design patterns that solve them
  • Explore architectural patterns for microservices and cloud development

Who this book is for
If you are a developer who wants to learn how to write clear, concise, and effective code for building production-ready applications, this book is for you. Familiarity with the fundamentals of Java is assumed.

Table of Contents

  • Unified Modeling Language Primer
  • Object-Oriented Design Patterns
  • Behavioral Design Patterns
  • Creational Design Patterns
  • Structural Design Patterns
  • Architectural Design PatternPart I
  • Architectural Design PatternPart II
  • Functional Design Patterns
  • Reactive Design Patterns



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