Haley Travis Insta Love Shy Girl Romance 10 Building Up Love

Haley Travis Insta Love Shy Girl Romance 10 Building Up Love | 604.84 KB
English | 60 Pages

Title: Building Up Love: Insta Love Shy Girl Romance #10
Author: Haley Travis
Year: 2020


Building an empire is lonely work. Sometimes a developer needs a sweet girl to step in and knock every block down.
There was no way in hell I was going to leave such a sweet girl to work for an asshole who screamed at her.
My company was doing well, and I could hire her immediately for any position.
But as soon as I got to know this beautiful brunette, I needed her to be much more than my employee.

I’d hoped to escape my terrible job soon, but Mark swooped in and stole me away.
Concentrating on building my career was the only thing I’d thought about for so long.
Creating a relationship with the boss was completely unprofessional…
Yet it was already happening, and there was no way to stop it.

An older man, younger woman standalone romance novella.
If you love short romance stories with a shy regular curvy girl, a hot alpha male, steamy love scenes and a sweet HEA, this story (and the whole series) is just for you! (No cliffhangers, no cheating.)
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