Hating The Cocky Jock B B Hamel

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Title: Hating the Cocky Jock
Author: B. B. Hamel
Year: N/A

He’s ready to trade a Super Bowl ring for an engagement ring.
Too bad I hate his guts.

Women throw their panties at Sean Kelly.
He’s the quarterback for the Fargo Chainsaws and the most desired man in town.
Startling blue eyes, ripped athletic body, handsome All-American face.
Everyone thinks he’s absolutely gorgeous.
But I think he’s a total piece of crap.
I hate that I keep touching his arm.
I hate that I laugh at all his jokes.
His smile drives me crazy, his hands drive me wild.
He’s arrogant, cocky, and a pain in my butt.
And on top of that, everyone thinks we slept together.
Because he told them we did.
Now I despise him for ruining my journalism career just for fun.
I know I shouldn’t let the rumors come true.
But he says he’ll give me an exclusive interview.
Really, he just wants to strip me down.
So that’s how I end up naked in the locker room.
The a-hole thinks he owns me just because I gave in to…



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