Havard Micki Pilates For Everyone 50 Exercises For Every Type Of Body 2021

Havard Micki Pilates For Everyone 50 Exercises For Every Type Of Body 2021 | 46.77 MB
English | 256 Pages

Title: Pilates for Everyone
Author: Micki Havard
Year: 2021

Pilates benefits every body–including yours!

Pilates is exercise for your mind, body, and spirit, but what if your body won’t cooperate? How can you take advantage of all Pilates has to offer–strengthening your core, enhancing your flexibility, and even improving your posture–if you think you’re too old or too big or too physically unable to perform the Hundred, the Shoulder Bridge, or the Double-Leg Stretch?

No matter what your age, size, or physical ability is, you can do every exercise in Pilates for Everyone . Each Pilates exercise shows the typical movements for gaining the physical and mental benefits from that exercise. Then each exercise offers at least three variations performed by people just like you to help you find the right modification that fits who you are. This way, no matter which version you perform, you’re going to reach similar goals.

Pilates for Everyone includes these features:
– 50 step-by-step exercises for specific body areas
– Step-by-step modifications for every exercise
– 10 routines that combine exercises from the book for maximum benefits
– Expert advice from Micki Havard on how to get the most out of your practice



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