How She Did It It by Molly Huddle

How She Did It It by Molly Huddle | 35.53 MB
English | 334 Pages

Title: How She Did It
Author: Molly Huddle, Sara Slattery
Year: 2022

The ultimate roadmap for female distance runners, from two-time Olympian Molly Huddle and two-time NCAA champion Sara Slattery-featuring 50 candid interviews with women who’ve made it

The road from a high school track to an Olympic starting line is long and sometimes shadowy. Obstacles like chronic injuries, under-fueled nutrition, and coercive coaching can threaten to derail careers before they’ve even begun. Frustrated by seeing young talent burn out before reaching their potential, professional distance runner Molly Huddle and college coach Sara Slattery have teamed up with trailblazing running legends and sports medicine professionals to create an essential guide to reach your running potential.

This is How She Did It-an instructional and inspirational collection of stories and advice for female runners. The book begins with key information from the professionals who help make athletic excellence possible:…


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