Seclusion Sword

Seclusion Sword
Amazing Cultivation SimulatoImmortal Tales of WuDang | 10.03 GB
Language : English
Genre : Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: GSQ Games
Publisher: GameraGame
Release Date: Aug 31, 2021
About This Game:

About This Content
The first collaboration content of Amazing Cultivation Simulator is now available! This time, we’re releasing a new DLC – Immortal tales of Wudang, in collaboration with the Wudang Museum and the home to many Taoist temples: the Wudang Mountains.

Something bizarre occurred in the world of immortals: An immortal mountain appeared out of nowhere.
Rumor says that an immortal is sitting on the peak of the mountain, fishing above the sea of clouds.
The word ‘Wudang’ is vaguely visible from a distance. It’s even said that the mountain is where the Perfected Warrior Emperor once practiced in the world of mortals.
Many have climbed the mountain, hoping that they would see immortals from the legends and even learn skills from them. However, immortals are rare to find, and only those fortunate enough are able to meet one.
A New Law: Law of Nimbus Conquest

  • It is a supreme law created by the Perfected Warrior, which is created by Yin and Yang, can be powerful if you can handle its special mechanism.

New Wudang Spirit Pet: Black tortoise Miao

  • As one of the four Chinese traditional monsters, the black tortoise has an indissoluble bond with the Wudang Mountain. The move and silence state of the turtle snake is the same as Yin Yang Taiji, which is an essential part of the Wudang Culture from ancient time.
  • Black Tortoise Miao is a descendant of the Perfected Warrior Emperor’s mount. Yin and Yang exist together in harmony inside it, and its Core can also be split into two. Black Tortoise thus excels at both defense and offense


New Items

  • Soil Essence

New Drugs

  • Trimerous Essence Pill
  • Qi Fasting Pill

New Equipment

  • Fly-Whisk
  • Sword of Tao
  • Sacred Nimbus Plate

New Treasure Artifacts

  • Perfected Warrior Sword
  • Purple Cloud Measure

New fishes

  • Cloud Ee
  • Night Carp
  • Golden Claw

New Sect: Wudang Mountain
Wudang Mountain is a famous Taoist Holy Land in China. It has had the holy names of "Taiyue", "xuanyue" and "Da Yue" since ancient times. It is also the human Taoist field of the Perfected Warrior emperor. It is known as an "unparalleled scenic spot in ancient times and the first fairy mountain in the world". There are too many stories about the reputation of Wudang Mountain, but there is no doubt that Wudang Mountain and its Taoist culture constitute the most important chapter in Chinese traditional culture. Now, the immortal gate of Wudang, which has been hidden for many years in the immortal cultivation world, has finally unveiled its mystery.
On the East Sea, a lofty, hazy mountain of immortals suddenly appeared in the mortal world. Cultivators explored the place and found that it’s a long-lost, boundless realm of immortals, and hidden within is a seclusive Taoist sect! The Taoist teachings of the sect are directly passed down from the Perfected Warrior. Its disciples have all mastered the essence of Tao and excel at expelling demons. The realm is known as the Wudang Mountains!
New Wudang Places

  • Golden Peak
  • Reattainment Temple
  • Purple Cloud Palace
  • Southrock Palace

Immortal land Scenery
In the process of making these new scenes, we took the most famous scenic spots of Wudang Mountain as the prototype and re-engraved the beautiful fairyland scenery of Wudang Mountain into the game, such as the Golden Hall of Wudang Golden Peak, the sea of clouds, the Zigzag Yellow River wall of the Reattainment Temple, the cliffs of the Southrock Palace, dragon incense, the Bixi Memorial Stele of Zixiao palace, etc… the scenery in the game is not as good as that of Wudang fairyland, Players are also welcome to visit the holy land of Wudang and mark on your own!

  • Golden Hall of the Golden Peak
  • The Sea Cloud of the Golden Peak
  • Zigzag Yellow River wall of the Reattainment Temple
  • Dragon Incense
  • Taoist Pagoda
  • Pinetree forest of the Purple Cloud Palace
  • Perfected Warrior Emperor Statue
  • Sacred Nimbus Plate

New map adventures

  • Dragon Incense Worship
  • Crown Princess Study Hall
  • Purple Cloud Palace
  • Purple Cloud Palace Destiny

21 New Wudang buildings

  • Golden Hall
  • Dragon Incense
  • Perfected Warrior Emperor Statue
  • Bixi Memorial Stele
  • Incense Cauldron
  • Taoist Pagoda
  • Taichi Drum
  • Wudang Gate
  • Black Phoenix Screen
  • Wudang Banner
  • Dragon Censer
  • Trigrams Cushion
  • Gruidae Lantern
  • Sacred Nimbus Plate
  • Black Tortoise Lantern
  • Cloudpeak Tea Plant x 2
  • Wudang Pine Tree

New Walls: the Curved Walls

  • Special curved walls in Wudang. There is a big and a small set of walls, and players can build them freely. The small set of walls can make rooms, while the big one cannot but be a kind of moderation, making the sect looks more beautiful and dignified.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: Not specified
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Not specified
Storage: 1000 MB available space
Sound Card: Not specified
Additional Notes: Not specified

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: Not specified
Graphics: Not specified
Sound Card: Not specified
Additional Notes: Not specified


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