Someone Other Than a Mother by Erin S Lane

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Title: Someone Other Than a Mother
Author: Erin S. Lane
Year: 2022

Theologian Erin S. Lane overturns dominant narratives about motherhood and inspires women to write their own stories.

Is it possible to do something more meaningful than mothering?

As a young Catholic girl who grew up in the American Midwest on white bread and Jesus, Erin S. Lane was given two options for a life well-lived: Mother or Mother Superior. She could marry a man and mother her own children, or she could marry God, so to speak, and mother the world’s children. Both were good outcomes for someone else’s life. Neither would fit the shape of hers.

Interweaving Lane’s story with those of other women-including singles and couples, stepparents and foster parents, the infertile and the ambivalent-Someone Other Than a Mother challenges the social scripts that put moms on an impossible pedestal and shame childless women and nontraditional families for not measuring up. You may have heard these…


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