The Hollows by C L Monaghan

The Hollows by C L Monaghan | 2.88 MB
English | 331 Pages

Title: The Hollows: A Midnight Gunn Novel
Author: C.L. Monaghan
Year: 2017

**A unique blend of MURDER, MYSTERY and MAGIC** 1860 never looked so good!

London 1860

Midnight Gunn is no ordinary detective- born during a solar eclipse as Halley’s Comet blazed a trail through the sky- his supernatural birthright is both a help and a hindrance when solving crimes.
Detective Inspector Arthur Gredge, of Scotland Yard, is the only one who knows Gunn’s secret.
When the body of a young aristocrat is discovered in a backstreet alley, Gredge enlists Gunn’s help in a race to discover the identity of the notorious Spring-heeled Jack- the monster that is terrorising London.
A trail of clues and victims leads them to discover the horrifying truth behind the killing.

The Hollows, encompasses the thrill of a traditional gothic mystery with an extra twist of paranormal, a splash of romance and a hint of horror! Dive into the past and experience the thrill of the hunt as Gunn- Scotland Yard’s best kept secret- chases down a dangerous killer making friends and enemies that will change his life for ever

The first novel in this new exciting Victorian gothic mystery series- recommended for age 16+ (Contains some bad language, adult themes and necromancy)


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