The Water Thief by Claire Hajaj

The Water Thief by Claire Hajaj | 1.35 MB
English | 424 Pages

Title: The Water Thief
Author: Claire Hajaj
Year: 2018

From the award-winning author of Ishmael’s Oranges comes a searing novel with a profound moral conflict at its heart.
When a heart attack kills his father, young architect Nick abandons his comfortable London life to volunteer abroad for a year – a last chance to prove himself, and atone for old sins.
But in a remote village on the edge of the Sahara, dangerous currents soon engulf him: a simmering family conflict, hidden violence and dangerous fanaticism. An illicit attraction to his host’s lonely wife soon threatens both of their worlds. But when a deadly drought descends it brings an irrevocable choice: should he take matters into his own hands? Or let fate run its course? His decision has life-changing consequences for them all.


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