Unwrapping The Best Man Rachael Stewart

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Title: Unwrapping the Best Man
Author: Rachael Stewart
Year: 2020

On the first night of Christmas, her sexy crush finally gave to her-an unbelievably hot night! Now she’s ready for nights two, three and four… Unwrap the steamy sequel to Getting Dirty by Rachael Stewart.
I’ve lusted after brawny, gorgeously rough Jackson Black for six lust-fueled, unrequited years. But Jackson has rules, and the big one is "no getting involved with clients" of his elite London sex club. Including me. But our best friends are getting married, and for one deliciously hot night, the maid of honor and best man agree…what happens in the Scottish Highlands, stays in the Scottish Highlands.
It was everything I wanted and more…until the complete jerk disappears during the night.
Now it’s Christmas, and I have a plan to prove to Jackson Black just how much I don’t care, that he doesn’t turn me on like a Christmas tree. Only Operation: Naughty Elf is backfiring big-time. That aching need for his touch is stronger than ever. It’s…



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