The Rising, System Dilemma (01) by DoomApricot

The Rising, System Dilemma (01) by DoomApricot | 248.71 KB
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Title: The Rising
Author: DoomApricot 1402
Year: N/A

Jason had nothing. No hope, no joy, no purpose. An average person, in and out. One day, the world ended, or at least the world as he knew it previously. Blue screens appeared in front of everyone all of a sudden, heralding the arrival of the System on Earth. It gave everyone a chance to become something more. It also brought monsters and dungeons that threatened to destroy the remnants of society.
Yet again, Jason had nothing. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he became a dismantler; scavenging corpses for cheap change. Dismantlers were no adventurers, and certainly not heroes that people admired, thus he lived aimlessly for some time. One day and due to a stroke of luck (or perhaps misfortune), Jason had a chance to do everything once again from scratch. Equipped with knowledge and experience , he planned on making this opportunity count. He faced dangers and horrors that pushed him to the brink. He met friends and enemies that made him question his values. He uncovered secrets and mysteries that hinted at a bigger picture. And he made decisions and actions that had unforeseeable consequences. What secrets lie behind the tutorial? How will Jason use the opportunities he finds to his advantage? What choices will he make when he faces a dilemma that could change everything? And who is he really? And more importantly, why did he come back to the beginning of it all? Find out in System Dilemma , a LitRPG novel that will keep you guessing and wondering!


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