Shutter Lite 4.7 Multilingual

Shutter Lite 4.7 Multilingual | Size: 3.23 MB
Language: English

Shutter is a multi-functional scheduling utility that can automatically perform various actions including reboot, (log off, hibernate, etc.), run program, open file, sound alarm, turn off monitor, adjust volume, and more.
These actions can be triggered at a specific time/date or by a number of events, such as a countdown, user inactivity, CPU usage, network activity, ping failure, low battery, size of a specific file, and other conditions.
Shutter even includes a web interface that, if enabled, can be used to perform reboots and other actions remotely over the network.
Here are some key features of "Portable Shutter"
Supported events
· Countdown
· On Time
· Winamp Stops
· Low CPU Usage
· User Inactive
· Battery Low
· Window Closes
· Process Stops
· Ping Stops
· File Size Limit
Supported Actions
· Shutdown
· Reboot
· LogOff
· Lock Workstation
· Sleep
· Hibernate
· Monitor Turn Off
· Mute/UnMute Master Volume
· Hang Up, Alarm


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