Simple Video Editor 1.5.0

Simple Video Editor 1.5.0 | Size: 36.53 MB
Language: English

Simple Video Editor is an user-friendly frontend for FFmpeg that streamlines the video editing process. This application simplifies video manipulation and offers a range of features accessible with just a few clicks. Trim, crop, rotate, and resize your videos effortlessly. Modify audio levels, delete duplicate frames, and even adjust playback speed with ease. Explore advanced capabilities including the ability to detect and remove duplicate content from multiple videos, create creative videos from image collections, and generate custom command line arguments for use in other FFmpeg scripts.

Video Editing Features
Trim start/end
Crop (manual and automatic)
Reduce resolution
Convert file type
Modify volume
Delete duplicate frames
Change playback speed
Reduce framerate
Color key

Advanced Features
Detect and remove duplicate content from multiple videos
Create videos from collections of images
Generate command line arguments for use in other ffmpeg scripts

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