Graitec OMD 2024.1 (x64)

Graitec OMD 2024.1 (x64) | Size: 2.33 GB
Language: English

Graitec OMD software is a building simulation application software that displays a preliminary estimate of the system while calculating all elements of load distribution, wind containment, and seismic evaluation.

Since the launch of Graitec OMD software in 1993, it has become the reference software in continental Europe for designing and modeling reinforced concrete buildings. Graitec OMD software receives a 3D model of the building, including slabs, beams, columns, walls and foundations, and after assessing the overall stability of the structure, automatically draws all the details that strengthen the building.

This software has the reference tools needed to examine the metal structure and design doors and windows. Graitec OMD software tools are also very useful for automatically designing and inspecting profiles, crane connections, floors and corridors. Graitec OMD software also generates expense statements and provides a complete report of estimated calculations in just a few minutes.
Features and specifications of Graitec OMD software

-Integrated with 3D CAD with the ability to view previous hardware designed with Advance Concrete
-Provide an initial estimate
-It has a 3D generator of snow, wind and load that they impose on the structure
-Load distribution analysis and wind bracing and a combination of traditional methods and sophisticated digital modeling techniques
-Seismic evaluation in dynamic modal
-Create calculation reports, material bills, reinforcement ratios and cost estimates automatically

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10×64-bit
Processor:Intel® I5-5th gen or AMD Ryzen™ 3-1st gen Note: Minimum of 4 Cores
Memory: 8 GB RAM Note: The process speeds increase considerably with more RAM

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