Deswik Suite 2023.2.818 (x64)

Deswik Suite 2023.2.818 (x64) | Size: 1011.3 MB
Language: English

We empower mining engineers and managers to work smarter and faster. Our solutions free up our users’ time and give them the tools and resources to engineer better plans, examine more scenarios and consequently drive lower costs.Our software is currently used by mining engineers, geologists, surveyors and production superintendents for various undertakings throughout the mine planning process.Integration is key to the architecture and use of our products – our software has been designed for data to flow seamlessly across all core products and modules.

Design & Solids Modeling A powerful design platform with superior data handling – the next generation of planning tools for mining.

Key Features
Modern graphics engine designed to handle large mining datasets with excellent graphics performance. Generate, slice and run Boolean commands without errors. Arguably the best solids and polygon Boolean tools on the market.

Superior attribute and metadata handling, bringing GIS-style capabilities to 3D mining data. Brings spreadsheet calculations into the design environment for superior analysis and insights.

Advanced design and editing tools within a simple, modern, and intuitive interface. Universal applications handle all mining sectors, open cut or underground, coal or metals.

Information manipulation using a powerful formula builder, instead of scripting. Add structure to the planning process using graphical workflows tied into the entire Deswik.CAD toolset.

Rapid, intuitive plotting using the WYSIWYG principle. Use custom filters and legend overlays for superior graphical reporting.

Deswik.CAD easily integrates with most mining and CAD packages. Plugin and scripting interfaces allow for customization and data manipulation.

In-built survey functions, commonly used by underground surveyors internationally. Ability to import and process survey point data into polylines as part of the as-built solids creation process.

Familiar Gantt chart interface with in-built mining functionality designed for massive datasets. Integrates production, ancillary and project activities with ease, using rate or duration-based scheduling.

Powerful resource levelling engine with superior features including multi-pass levelling and input path scheduling. Mirror real world objectives with dependencies, priorities, targets, constraints and resource limitations

Detailed work calendars for scheduling and reporting from a shift basis through to a 100yr+ Life Of Mine. Flexible combination of manual scheduling tools for short term and automated long term scheduling.

Responsive resource assignment; pools assign resources based on task priorities and resource availabilities. Build detailed and specific production rates with easy formula builders.

User-defined pivot-style reports can be quickly customized to drill into the details of a schedule. Record multiple schedule baselines to show schedule changes over time. Automated tools to keep schedules up-to-date.

Operates stand-alone or integrated with Deswik.CAD and Deswik.IS. Use the Deswik.SViz or Deswik.vSched platforms for quick 3D visualization of existing Deswik.CAD designs.

Fast integrated strategic planning
A single integrated application for all strategic mine planning needs across the mining value chain, reducing the risk of creating sub-optimal plans.

Model complex systems
Build a network of sources, stockpiles, dumps and plants to model material flows and transformations to products and waste through an intuitive graphic interface.

Understand the time value of money
Vary mining and processing constraints and objectives by time to take into account the time value of money and maximize Net Present Value.

Easy to use workflow driven interface
Easy to understand, workflow driven user interface guides the user through the strategic planning process.

Industry leading technology
Developed in partnership with Alicanto Labs from University Adolfo IbaƱez, Deswik.GO leverages the most advanced optimization algorithms to solve real sized mining problems more efficiently.

In-built reporting and visualization
Create BI style reports using the integrated dashboard reporting to drill down into the details and results of the schedule, giving you maximum visibility into the value drivers of the plan. Animate and visualize the results of the schedule to immediately see the mining sequence in 3D.

Optimize using Direct Block Scheduling
Generate optimized pit shells by individually scheduling each block in your block model considering the time value of money. Simultaneously optimize multiple block models, to understand and analyze different pit interactions.

Phase bench schedule optimization
Use the outputs of the direct block schedule and make the plan mineable by applying more realistic constraints to your schedule.

Destination optimization
Use the Fixed Extraction Sequence option if you have a completed mine plan at hand, to determine the best destination for each of the mined units in the plan.

Integrated with other Deswik tools
Analyze tactical sensitivities on the strategic plan and refine the results by leveraging other Deswik tools, such as Deswik.LHS for detailed haulage analysis, Deswik.CAD to generate shells used in further design processes and Deswik.Sched to apply more tactical constraints.

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10/11
CPU:Quad Core 2.5Ghz+
GPU:1GB Video Card Support for OpenGL 4.6 and GL_ARB_sparse_texture2 extension e.g. Nvidia Quadro P-series, GTX
10-series, RTX-series, and newer cards
Display:1920 x 1080

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