Data Structure In Swift

Published 5/2024
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Data Structure-Code like a pro

What you’ll learn
Fundamental Concepts of Data Structures
Array and String Manipulation
Linked Lists Mastery
Stack and Queue Implementation
Tree Structures and Algorithms
Graph Theory and Algorithms
Advanced Data Structures
Real-World Applications and Problem-Solving like Sliding window technique
No prior programming experience is required, we will learn everything from scratch
Unlock the power of efficient coding with "Mastering Data Structures: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers," a detailed and engaging course designed by Tech Genie. Whether you’re a budding programmer or an experienced developer seeking to enhance your skills, this course offers an in-depth exploration of fundamental and advanced data structures that are crucial for writing efficient and optimized code.What You’ll Learn:Introduction to Data Structures:Understanding the importance of data structures in programming.Overview of different types of data structures and their applications.Linear Data Structures:Arrays and Strings: Basic operations, memory management, and common algorithms.Linked Lists: Singly, doubly, and circular linked lists, and their real-world applications.Stacks and Queues: Implementation, use cases, and algorithmic problems.Non-Linear Data Structures:Trees: Binary trees, binary search trees, AVL trees, and heap structures.Graphs: Graph representation, traversal algorithms (BFS and DFS), and shortest path algorithms.Advanced Data Structures:Hash Tables: Hashing techniques, collision resolution methods, and practical use cases.Tries and Suffix Trees: Implementation and applications in string processing.Balanced Trees: Red-Black trees, B-trees, and their significance in databases and file systems.Practical Applications and Problem Solving:Real-world applications of data structures in software development.Common algorithmic challenges and solutions using data structures.Hands-on coding exercises and projects to solidify your understanding.Optimization Techniques:Analyzing time and space complexity.Techniques for optimizing code using appropriate data structures.Course Features:Expert Instruction: Learn from Tech Genie, a seasoned developer and educator with a passion for teaching complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.Interactive Learning: Enjoy a mix of video lectures, coding exercises, quizzes, and real-world projects to reinforce your knowledge.Comprehensive Coverage: From basic concepts to advanced techniques, this course covers everything you need to master data structures.Community Support: Join a vibrant community of learners, participate in discussions, and get feedback and support from peers and the instructor.Who Should Enroll:Aspiring programmers and computer science students looking to build a solid foundation in data structures.Software developers and engineers aiming to improve their coding efficiency and problem-solving skills.Anyone interested in preparing for technical interviews and competitive programming.Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a proficient coder with a deep understanding of data structures. Transform your coding abilities and open doors to advanced programming opportunities with Tech Genie’s expert guidance.
Section 1: Star Pattern Problems in Swift
Lecture 1 Half Pyramid Pattern with Star
Lecture 2 Half Pyramid Pattern With Numbers
Lecture 3 Half Pyramid Pattern with Continuous Numbers
Lecture 4 Half Pyramid pattern With Continuous Columns
Lecture 5 Half Pyramid pattern With Decrementing Number
Lecture 6 Half Pyramid Pattern with Character
Lecture 7 Half Pyramid Pattern with Character Increment As per Row
Lecture 8 Half Pyramid Pattern with Character Decrement As per Column
Lecture 9 Inverted Half Pyramid Pattern
Lecture 10 Inverted Half Pyramid Pattern with Increasing Number
Lecture 11 Inverted Half Pyramid Pattern with Descreasing Number
Lecture 12 Inverted Pyramid Pattern with Alphabet
Anyone who want to start learning Data Structure & Algorithm,Anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge on Data Structure & Algorithm

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