Introduction to SQL (2024)

Introduction to SQL (2024)
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Introduction To Sql Using Google Bigquery
Published 3/2024
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Learn how to be productive and efficient using Google BigQuery and use the power of the cloud to analyze data at scale.

What you’ll learn

What is google Bigquery?

Learning based on real time project which helps students to apply the concepts in his job

Can write the commands like Joins, Group by, Order By, Having clause, SubQueries, etc.

Helps the students to be Job ready in Google BigQuery


A Free Google account(Free Gmail account)

PC with Internet connection


Welcome to the revolutionary course that will transform the way you analyze data in the cloud! In a world where innovation and efficiency are imperative, Google BigQuery emerges as a giant, offering powerful tools for visionary data professionals.In this exciting program, you will dive into the fascinating universe of Google BigQuery, leaving behind the limitations of traditional analytics. From startups to industry titans, more and more organizations are discovering the untapped potential of this leading cloud platform.Throughout this dynamic course, you’ll learn not only how to be productive and efficient, but how to master the complexities of data analytics at scale. From understanding fundamental concepts to mastering various techniques, you’ll equip yourself with the skills necessary to get started and excel in the competitive world of data analytics.This is NOT a boring course of voice and PowerPoint lectures. Here I will discuss and present the material in an interactive and engaging style that will keep you interested and make it easier to understand. Take a look at the free videos available and you will see the difference.If you already have SQL experience and are ready to take your skills to the next level, this course is your passport to success in the modern data landscape. Join me to discover how Google BigQuery can boost your career and take your analytics capabilities to new heights! Get ready to defy convention and embrace the data revolution with Google BigQuery!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you should know?

Lecture 3 Introduction to Google BigQuery

Lecture 4 Download Exercise Files

Section 2: Google BigQuery Setup

Lecture 5 Case study introduction

Lecture 6 Set up BigQuery sandbox

Lecture 7 Loading data into BigQuery

Section 3: Data Exploration

Lecture 8 SELECT statement

Lecture 9 ORDER BY clause

Lecture 10 WHERE clause conditional logic

Lecture 11 WHERE clause BTEWEEN and IN

Lecture 12 Fuzzy string matching

Lecture 13 COUNT function

Lecture 14 Calculation functions

Lecture 15 ChallengWisdom Pet – Quiz-1

Lecture 16 Solution – Wisdom Pet – Quiz-1

Section 4: Data Aggregation

Lecture 17 GROUP BY clause

Lecture 18 CASE WHEN statements

Lecture 19 COUNTIF function

Lecture 20 PIVOT function

Lecture 21 Challenge Financial analysis

Lecture 22 Solution Financial analysis

Section 5: Table Joins

Lecture 23 Introduction to table joins

Lecture 24 INNER JOIN

Lecture 25 LEFT JOIN

Lecture 26 ChallengWisdom Pet – Quiz-3

Lecture 27 Solution – Wisdom Pet – Quiz-3

Section 6: Window Functions

Lecture 28 Introduction to Window Functions

Lecture 29 Ranking functions

Lecture 30 Cumulative metrics

Lecture 31 Moving Averages

Lecture 32 ChallengWisdom Pet – Quiz-4

Lecture 33 Solution – Wisdom Pet – Quiz-4

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 34 Conclusion

A person who analyses the data regularly,Data Scientists,Software Engineers,Who wants to master SQL using Big Query and more.

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